I think Nancy knew what we wanted far before we had any idea – she has incredible intuition and patience and is just an all-around very intelligent and honest person. She knows everything from the minute details of how foundations are built to the big picture of the real estate market. She was a real joy to work with and found us the house of our dreams! A million stars!



Nancy is simply the best at what she does – which is to support people throughout the process of buying and selling homes. She’s super well informed about not only the market, but also the nuts and bolts of houses.  With Nancy, you never give a second thought to whether she has only your best interests at heart.  I simply can’t say enough good things about her, which is why I have recommended her many times over many years to many friends.  Add to all of this the fact that she is just pleasant to be around – a big plus since buying a home in this area takes a lot of time and will likely involve some disappointments along the route. Stick with Nancy; she will stick by you.




Nancy knows the East Bay market and was fantastic in a competitive bidding process for my condo.  She helped me find the right property for me, keeping me informed and helping me find mortgage, inspection, and other professionals who were reliable and helpful. She is honest, knowledgeable, and client-oriented.  I would recommend her over any other real estate agent in the Bay Area.




Nancy helped me sell a home in Oceanview and buy a new home in the Gourmet Ghetto.  On the selling side, she was there every step of the way, advising on pricing and staging, meeting the window washer, electrician and plumber, and skillfully negotiating with the eventual buyer.  We had many offers and closed $200K above asking.  On the buying side, she steered us away from troubled properties and money-pits, then found a gem of a cosmetic fixer that had been on the market for awhile with no offers.  We paid asking for a larger home in a fantastic neighborhood. Nancy is the best!



I was fortunate to have met Nancy at an open house my husband and I were attending on our own.  We had been hooked up with another realtor through a family recommendation, but then I met Nancy and I knew I had to switch to her.  Not only did she know the East Bay market in and out from having lived here and worked in the industry for years, but I could tell that nancy was also lovely, genuine person that I would enjoy working with!  Nancy truly delivered in her duties as our realtor, helping us by an amazing home in Berkeley that we could renovate.  She spent countless hours advocating for us, explaining the buying process (much different than in Brooklyn where we moved from!), attending open houses with us, communicating with the seller’s agent etc. Additionally, when we were fortunate enough to get our house and close, she provided me with lists of architects and contractors and other service people to contact.

I cannot say enough good things about her.  She is just a fantastic realtor and all around good person.  A true find and rarity in the industry.

Jessica T., BERKELEY


Nancy is one of the most knowledgeable, patient, and professional agents I’ve ever met.  She helped us buyer a fantastic home in the Oakland hills about 6 years ago and was our best resource throughout the process.  She always had her eye on the market, and studied it closely.  She made us feel confident and relaxed in what can be a stressful situation, which is a quality I admire and appreciate.  I give Nancy my highest recommendation.

Lauren M., OAKLAND



We bought our house through Nancy in 2013. House buying in California is a stressful event at the best of times with paperwork and declaration’s up the wazoo.


Nancy took us through the searching and then purchasing process with her incredible lightness of spirit, he big heart and her wonderful sense of humor in such a wonderful and pleasant way whilst always being available.


Nancy’s knowledge is extensive, and what she doesn’t know she will find out for you.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.



Nancy sold our house this year and we absolutely could not have done it without her.  She carefully explained the process and then got it done.  We were out of state the entire time and Nancy oversaw the work.  She had all the right contacts and was able to make it all happen.  When you choose Nancy Reichert, you are choosing the best of the best.  I can't stress enough how amazing she is!!







Take a look at those posted work hours – and now imagine them working for you! Eternally indebted to Nancy for carting us around from house to house until she finally placed us in OUR house.  Then of course the bidding and financing – tip toeing through a mine field.  But she got us there – thanks Nancy.





Where do I start? I can't say enough good things about Nancy! She helped us find a very "special" property and worked her magic to get us a great deal! We had very specific criteria, including not getting caught up in bidding wars, which is really hard in this current market environment. We looked around and made several offers for over a year, and Nancy stuck with us the whole time. She was extremely patient, knowledgeable and persisted to help us find the right property. She went above and beyond, even finding us properties that weren't on the market. When we did finally find the property in Oakland that we bought, Nancy negotiated really hard for us, and we were able to get it not only $20k below asking, but Nancy also negotiated $20k in closing costs for us, and the seller had to pay for the sewer lateral work! In this hot frenzied market, that is completely unheard of! And when some issues arose after the sale completed, Nancy continued to help us, even when she could have walked away. She really is an amazing realtor (and we have had many others in the past), but nobody went above and beyond like Nancy did!

All in all, I would recommend Nancy to anyone looking for a realtor in the bay area. We will definitely work with Nancy in the future for any other real estate transactions!

Catherine G., EMERYVILLE


This real estate agent goes way beyond the necessary. She has responded to help us and take care of our questions five years after she helped us find and purchase this property. We can't thank her enough and will use her in the future when it becomes necessary.

Judy and Dean H., EL CERRITO


When my husband and I planned to move to CA, we sold our house on the East Coast. Our superb realtor did a great deal of research to find an outstanding realtor in Berkeley. He found Nancy and we were delighted. She knows the Bay Area and real estate inside and out. We cannot say how very pleased we are with both our house and the rental property she found for us.




Nancy was great when she worked with us selling our condo in Berkeley.  She knows her business well.  She is honest, shows integrity in her work and  establishes a sense of trust with both the buyer and seller.  She is enthusiastic and positive.  She listens to her clients' needs and concerns and responds to them appropriately.  I would highly recommend her.



Nancy has been my real estate agent twice now - helped me buy and then 5+ years later sell a Victorian in Emeryville, and just recently, my husband and I bought a house in San Leandro. The Emeryville house was a HUGE project and she hooked me up with all the right providers/contractor/etc. And we made a good profit when I sold the house 2+ years ago. Not only is she great at what she does because she knows the East Bay market and houses like the back of her hand, but she's honest and friendly and good at keeping nervous nellies like me sane. I wholeheartedly recommend Nancy.



So glad I can write this review for Nancy. She was our agent during the sale of our home in Oakland (and previously managed the rental) and again represented us when we bought our current house. We started out with another agent who was not very responsive so we switched. She is fabulous - Responsive, ethical, knowledgeable about the market and the intricacies of the process. I felt like she was really looking out for us and negotiated the best deal. There are some people in every business that truly care about their clients and are passionate about their work and Nancy is one of those. We are happily settled in our dream home but if we ever needed to move again we'd definitely hire her.



Nancy has a straightforward, enthusiastic and patient approach when working with her clients.  She is an experienced realtor who knows the ins and outs of all things related to real estate.  She has been our realtor for home purchases and sales in the East Bay over the past several years.  She is always professional, extremely responsive and available, and always makes sure we understood what is happening during the purchase or sale of a property.  I highly recommend Nancy!!!